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Business Owners’ Insights on COVID-19, Growth and HR/Payroll challenges

Shared wisdom can lead to better growth. Recently, Asure surveyed small business owners across more than 20 industries, in companies as small as 1-5 employees to as large as 150+ employees. We wanted to learn more about how they had responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, how growth was impacted, and what expectations are for the post-COVID future. Some things we found may surprise you.

Although 2020 was an unexpectedly rough year for anyone owning a small business, our survey respondents were generally optimistic about the future. They still see potential for growth—many of them expect to grow revenues this year. We also found that businesses experiencing growth prior to the pandemic tended to hold their own a bit more easily through the crisis. Amazingly, many of these growth-oriented companies even managed to expand their businesses during the pandemic.

Asure created this eBook to help small business owners discover how their peers are approaching today’s unique business environment. Beyond COVID-19 response, questions covered areas such as HR compliance, payroll challenges, recruiting, training and upskilling, and employee engagement. Throughout this report, we also highlight any differences in strategies or results between higher growth companies and other respondents.

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2021 HR Trends Survey #2

Content Outline:

  • Pandemic Impact on Growth & Results

  • How Businesses Responded to COVID-19

  • 2021 Forecasts and Insights

  • The Future of Remote Work

  • HR and Payroll Compliance Challenges

  • Building and Engaging Your Team

2021 HR Trends Survey #1