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Webinar on Demand: 5 HR Errors That Cost These Businesses Huge Penalties


Expert Panelist: Brian J. Shenker, of counsel in the Long Island, New York, office of Jackson Lewis P.C.

We'll explore:

  • Costly HR Errors In:
  • Case 1 - $604,000 in Back Wages and Damages From Home Healthcare Business for FLSA Violations
  • Case 2 - Grocery to Pay $50,000 to Settle EEOC Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
  • Case 3 - $270,000 in Back Wages Due to Restaurant’s Workers - DOL Investigation
  • Case 4 - Manufacturer Pays $175,000 to Settle ADA Violations
  • Case 5 - Staffing Company Penalized by Justice Department for Requiring Excessive Employment Paperwork
1 PDC for SHRM Available Upon Completion
Activity ID: 23-RGT74

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