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Flexible Outsourced
HR Services

Outsourced HR solutions that help you save time & money, stay compliant with ever-changing HR laws, and build an amazing team that can help you grow!






Flexible HR Compliance Services

Outsourced HR solutions that help you save time & money, stay compliant with ever-changing HR laws, and build an amazing team that can help you grow!

Minimize Risks and Protect Your Business

The Only Thing More Expensive Than an HR Staff... Is NOT Having HR

Growth doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when businesses focus on their core and make the best use of their time, capital, and people. At Asure, we are dedicated to helping you attract, develop, and retain good-fit employees so you can focus on growing your business. When you lean on us for HR Services, we can help you: 

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Save Time & Money

Most small and mid-sized companies spend too much time on administrative HR tasks. But, for many, adding a full-time certified HR professional is simply not in the budget. Outsource to Asure at a fraction of the cost of in-house HR.

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Stay Compliant

Most growing businesses aren’t confident they’re compliant with HR because they don’t know what they don’t know – and lawmakers keep adding new HR regulations every year! Asure’s certified HR pros will keep you compliant.

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Build a Great Team

Growing businesses need great people. But, the pandemic brought the ‘war for talent’ to Main Street where businesses struggle to find talent in the face of a labor shortage. Asure can help recruit, hire, and train your team.

“In 2019, the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division recovered a record-breaking $322 million in wages owed to workers.” SOURCE: DOL
The EEOC received 39,110 retaliation claims in 2019; it was the most frequent complaint made against employers. SOURCE: EEO
“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted 6,456 I-9 inspections in 2019—nearly five times more inspections than in 2017.” SOURCE: LAWLOGI
The EEOC received more than $346 million in total monetary benefits from employers in 2019 Source: EEO

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Why You Need HR More Than Ever

HR used to mean complying with a handful of big federal laws. Today, new laws are being added by federal, state, and local governments at an accelerated rate, and businesses can't keep up.

But compliance is only half of the HR equation – The "war for talent" has hit Main Street as businesses face a real labor shortage. Finding, recruiting, and developing a great team takes great HR.

Why Asure?

SHRM Certified

Dedicated Team of HR Certified Pros

Asure assigns a dedicated Account Manager and Project Management team to help you develop best practices and processes, provide guidance on complex HR topics, and communicate ongoing critical compliance information. 

Your remote HR department can advise on matters both strategic (like how to implement a performance program or disciplinary action program) and tactical (creating and/or revising policies, practices, and procedures).  

Team members are certified by either the Society for Human Resource Management or the HR Certification Institute and possess an incredible breadth of knowledge, whereas hiring an HR Manager may mean hiring someone who is only an expert in one or two areas.

Incredible Cost Savings & Protection

Businesses that outsource their HR functions to Asure normally save more than 50% off the cost of hiring a full-time in-house HR staff. That frees up cash to invest in customer-facing roles, product development, marketing, and sales. See below for the average HR Salaries according to PayScale.com (Spoiler Alert: It’s a LOT more than Outsourcing to Asure):

  • HR Manager $69,373/ year

  • HR Director $96,976/year

  • Payroll Manager $70,184/year

  • Benefits Manager $78,031/year

Cost savings
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Support the Entire Employee Lifecycle

Leverage the Asure team for every aspect of the HR function – from hire to retirement.  We’ll complete essential projects like developing employee handbooks, salary benchmarks, job descriptions, or any other critical HR deliverable. 

Your virtual HR team can help you with 
  • Employee Relations
  • Policy & Procedure
  • Human Resource Administration
  • Exit Interviews
  • Handbooks
  • Leave of Absence Letter
  • Corrective Action Reviews
  • Entrance Interviews
  • Termination Letters
  • Salary Benchmarks
  • Performance Management
  • Group Benefits Issues
  • Remote Training & Development
  • HR Compliance Updates
  • Investigations
  • Job Descriptions
  • New Employee Orientations
  • Compensation Administration

 What’s Next?

Talk to an HR expert today for pricing and details on how Asure’s HR Consulting Services can help you save time and money, stay compliant, and build a great team.