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Now is the ideal time to add a 401(k) plan to your benefits package.

The reasons are 

  • New Federal legislation called SECURE Act 2.0 is offering unprecedented tax credits
  • More and more States are requiring small businesses to offer a retirement plan
  • 88% of today’s workers consider a 401(k) plan a must-have benefit 


In this guidebook, we dig into an action plan for businesses who want to overcome employee recruitment challenges. The data reveals that 94% of employers that offer 401K plans said retirement benefits help drive recruitment. We’ll walk through your options to help you make the best decision for your business. 


This book outlines tax benefits made available by SECURE Act 2.0 that make offering a 401(k) incredibly affordable. In some cases, the business tax advantages will eliminate your start-up costs. 


Learn how businesses of any size can now offer a 401(k) plan to recruit top talent and comply with state laws while using tax credits to offset costs. 
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