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Does HR Impact Revenue Growth?

A recent survey of more than 2,000 small businesses analyzes how companies are embracing HR best practices and their corresponding rates of growth, exposing the link between rapid growth and employee-centric best practices.

This report summarizes the survey results across eight areas of HR across the employee lifecycle — Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding, Compliance, Development, Performance Management, Retention, and Post Employment — and serves as a playbook on how to apply HR best practices across each of these eight areas to foster growth.


Contrasting the HR practices of survey respondents who identify as Fast Growth, Growth, Down Growth, and Flat, the Small Business HR Benchmark Report serves as a prescriptive research guide and framework to help companies understand the impact of HR on growth, a perspective that’s especially of value with increasing market uncertainty and employee vulnerability trends like quiet quitting to the big stay. These market factors shine a light on the need to strategically invest in employee-centric HR, focusing on training and development as a key differentiator to attract stronger talent, experience greater engagement, improve employee retention, and ultimately drive company growth.  


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HR Best Practices for Small Business 

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